Hire and book waiters in Melbourne for your event, party or celebration

Perhaps you or someone you know are planning a big event and need experienced staff to staff the event. Maybe you need experienced waiters and waitresses to take care of guests while they are at your event. You only want the best service, but you’re not sure who nor where you can hire waitsaff. Consider hiring a waiter or waitress through hireawaiter.com.au. When you visit www.hireawaiter.com.au, you can choose your event type, day of the event, how many people you are expecting, and how many wait staff you will need. See why Hire a Waiter is the perfect option for guest service for your next gathering.

Hire A Waiter currently services 90% of Victorian locations including but not limited to:
City of Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, City or Port Phillip, City of Stonnington and more...


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Hire a Waiter has many dedicated waiters and waitresses in Melbourne to choose from that can serve your guests at your wedding celebration. Our wait staff are professionally trained and ready to amaze you with exceptional guest service. Hire a Waiter Melbourne relieves some of the stress that comes with wedding planning and the day of, because our wait staff are professional, courteous, and ready to help make the day special. And if you are expecting many guests and require equivalent waiters and waitresses, Hire a Waiter Melbourne can accommodate any size gathering. Hire a Waiter employs over 2,000 trained waiters that are equipped to attend to the needs of the guests. Because we employs so many qualified waiters and waitresses, we are are able to serve any wedding in Melbourne even with very little notice. You can count on Hire a Waiter to provide exceptional service to all the wedding guests.


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Corporate parties are another event where Hire a Waiter Melbourne can provide outstanding waiters and waitresses to serve. Whether they are located at the office, at a home, or at an event centre, Hire a Waiter will gladly send as many or as few waiters and waitresses as needed to ensure your guests are entertained. Hire a Waiter Melbourne may also be the perfect option for hiring reliable waiters and waitresses for your next Christmas party. You can count on Hire a Waiter to provide dependable waiters and waitresses to serve your snacks, hors d’oeuvres, drinks, or an entire meal with professionalism and grace. Perhaps you are entertaining a client in which you have a possible lucrative deal with. You want to make a good impression, and what better way to do so than to assure you receive excellent service. Make a memorable impression and possibly earn that client’s business when you receive great service from the waiters and waitresses at Hire a Waiter.


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Hire a Waiter Melbourne can also accommodate birthday parties to celebrate every age milestone. Let them help make your next birthday bash a success by serving at your 16th, 21st, 30th, 40th birthdays, and each one in between. The waiters and waitresses at Hire a waiter Melbourne can help as much or as little as needed at your birthday celebration. Let the experts serve you and your birthday guests by cutting the cake, serving drinks, handing out presents, clearing away dishes, and any other task that needs to be done. The wait staff at Hire a Waiter Melbourne are able and ready to help you have the most memorable birthday yet. Whether you need reliable waiters and waitresses for engagement parties, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or anything else in between, choose Hire a Waiter for your entertaining needs. Our professional and talented wait staff is sure to make your special event memorable. 


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If you are entertaining a group of people for a private dining experience, you can depend on Hire a Waiter Melbourne to ensure the ultimate dining experience with their experienced waiters and waitresses. Hire a Waiter’s dependable staff will serve you and your guests to help make a memorable night exact to your specifications. Hire a Waiter Melbourne can accommodate your private dining parties in Melbourne, no matter what size. Whether small and intimate or grand, Hire a Waiter can provide the professional wait staff to serve you and your guests.