In 2012 Michelle got engaged and began planning her engagement party which was being held at her parent's home.


Every detail went to plan except for the wait staff and bartenders…..


Both the waiters and bartenders arrived at the same time as the guests and were unorganised and it seemed like they had never worked a private event before so Michelle and her family had to help out in the kitchen and bar area directing and helping the waiters instead of celebrating the happy couple’s big day.


Michelle saw this as a great business opportunity and together with her friend Karina, they launched Hire A Waiter and a year later Hire A Bartender (insert link here)


From that day and to today we have successfully partnered with thousands of events through our brands ‘Hire A Waiter’ & ‘Hire A Bartender’ which provide staff across all of Australia with successful partnerships with Hospitality Training Organisations, a number of ongoing corporate clients and is proud to be one of the largest staffing agency for private functions across the country.


This is achieved through a commitment to our roots and underlying desire to treat everyone we deal with as if they were the most important guest at the event. This attention to service has been paramount to our growth through repeat business and word of mouth.


We are so grateful to have the opportunity to do what we love doing every day and whether your event is private, corporate, large or small, you will let us join you on this journey.


Unlike the competition, Hire A Waiter knows all of their staff personally. The waiters must go through a vigorous hiring process so we can ensure we are employing the best. Our staff are experienced, well-presented and reliable. 

We pay our staff well above average to ensure we have a dedicated team who are loyal to our customers. This means our staff don’t need to be micromanaged when they turn up for a job, as they are highly experienced and know exactly what needs to be done. 

We give excellent training to our team members, meaning they are confident in what they do and always dress appropriately and work hard. Our staff are friendly and dedicated, going the extra mile to ensure your event is a perfect one. They take pride in what they do.


We believe in providing first class experiences for our customers, so they have a smoothly run event without the fuss and stress that comes with planning and organising a big night. 

We treat all our customers like they are superstars and work diligently to ensure your event is a successful one without any hiccups. 

We are passionate about providing first class service, and your only regret after hiring one of our waiters will be that you didn’t do it sooner!

5000 +









Shai has years of corporate experience in recruitment which is invaluable to our rigorous on boarding process at HAW. He has an uncanny knack at knowing who will be a dedicated worker that takes pride in what they do. Above all, he understands the stress in planning an event after his own engagement party and is dedicated to ensuring our customers have a seamless process on their way to an awesome party!

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